Why Nutrition In The Fast Lane?

“Nutrition in the Fast Lane” is a 4 1/4″ x 8 1/2″ soft-cover booklet that is about as thick as a ball-point pin. It weighs approximately 8 ounces. This convenient size allows you to discreetly carry it whenever you dine out. It is the perfect size for both purse and pocket, and fits easily into the glove box or door pocket of most cars and vans. Now you can have the nutrition information of more than 3,000 menu items always at your fingertips. The 60 restaurant chains chosen represent nearly 100,000 locations nationwide (refer to “Restaurants” heading for a complete listing).
The booklet instructs in plain English at about a 6th grade level. That is similar to what is presented on this page. It is extremely easy to follow, even for those who view English as their second language.

Restaurants are listed in alphabetical order. At the top of each page you will find the guides to the nutrition facts about each item. The pages are designed with a color grid to make it easier to follow. And an easy to understand description of each guide can be found in the Introduction.

Click here to download a sample page.

The data shown below the column guides are the nutrition values of each item (see sample). Also shown are the suggested exchange values for each item. Additionally, we introduce you to a simplified method of controlling your consumption of fat and sodium. By simply rounding the percentage of fat of each item, discovering the better choices becomes much easier while not seriously distorting the final meal. Similarly, “Parity” (the milligrams of sodium present in every 25 calories of the item) allows you to choose the lower sodium choice at a glance. A simplified description of their use can be found in the Introduction.

If nutrition is your profession, you can easily see the value of this booklet’s unique presentation. If you are just beginning to watch your diet, prepare yourself to be amazed at how much simpler nutrition management has just become.

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